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25 Years of paper business
around the globe
Our paper story in brief

After several years of studies and work in various domains, I discovered the world of paper in 1995, An amazing and by the way very ancient, since humanity decided to write down for their generation and the generations to come.
I was told: "when you are born you get a paper, when you die you get a paper and in your life so many papers".

My world of paper got me great teachers, made me travel to most continents, visiting dozens of paper mills, understanding many technicalities of production and at the end meeting the markets to apply the gained knowledge and implement it with customers demand and expectations.

I thank GOD for coming across several good persons who influenced my career tracks:

Today ikonPaper (which is part of the MOUSSA's GROUP of companies) is successful and stable entity.

  • Lead by knowledge
In the old days we used to hear that knowledge is King; it is true, when you obtain knowledge use it.
  • Lead by service
We have seen many companies with good products "went down the drain" due to their lousy service. Service is our success.
  • Lead by technology
Technology is a sword with two edges; it can keep you so busy with it to fail in reality. Keep always an eye on your road.
  • Lead by profits
Some companies in our domain consider "tonnage" success; companies sustain by profits.
  • Lead by example
Dont look back; always look forward and be an example.
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ikonPaper DMCC
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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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